How to Buy a YouTube Channel the Right Way

How to Buy a YouTube Channel the Right Way

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If you’re in the market to purchase an already established YouTube channel, you should definitely read this article. A YouTube channel is a very good investment if you know what you are being sold. Due diligence is key and so is asking a lot of questions. You’ll want to verify financials (if that’s important to you) and look for trends, such as an upward or downward or stable financial trend. SocialBlade is a free and very good tool to use to determine not only financial trends but trends in growth (subscriber and view count) and overall health of the channel. There’s nothing wrong with a channel in a downward trend, but you must be cognizant of that fact. 

Once you have determined that you want to purchase a specific channel that is on the market, it is time to negotiate a deal with the seller. When both of you have come to an agreed price, it is time to proceed with the transaction. Be wary of other sites out there that use “middlemen” or an unlicensed escrow service. There have been many horror stories of people getting scammed mid-transaction by way of these sites. 

Using a trusted escrow service is key, such as FameOffer’s escrow service which is managed by a licensed California attorney. Using other middlemen or escrow services it is easy to get scammed in the process. You’ll have access to the lawyer and be able to verify his California State Bar # with the State of California. 

The way escrow works is with FameOffer is that the channel and the funds are transferred to us. Then, we will transfer the funds and channel to the respective new buyer/seller. This allows for zero chance of complications. We charge 1% of the sale price which is hardly anything for peace of mind.

How do you buy a YouTube channel or sell a YouTube channel with FameOffer’s escrow service? Just shoot us an email. It’s that easy.

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