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Buy and Sell YouTube properties on the most active YouTube channel marketplace online. We specialize in large channels; however, all channels over 10,000 subscribers are welcome to list. There is absolutely no fee to list or post in the marketplace. To ensure the safety of our buyers and sellers, we offer our premium escrow service for a small 1% of the sale price fee. You can read more about it below.


The safety and confidence of our buyers and sellers on the marketplace is our #1 priority. This is why we offer our in-house escrow service, which will guarantee the safe transition of money and social media assets. For a small 1% commission we offer our members peace of mind that the transaction is fulfilled as planned. How it work is that once a deal on the marketplace has been made, the funds from the buyer and channel from the seller will be transferred to FameOffer. Any agreed upon contractual verifications will be made by our expert staff and then the buyer and seller will receive their channel and money, respectively.


Safe and hassle free escrow payments are handled in house by our experienced team when using our escrow service. We guarantee the swift and smooth sale of all YouTube and other social media assets. We have a 100% satisfaction rate from both buyers and sellers. Bank Wire is the most common; however if the buyer/seller have agreed upon a different method or currency such as BitCoin, we can handle that as well.

Buy YouTube Channels and Sell YouTube Channels

Our escrow service is handled by a licenced California attorney to ensure the smooth transaction of all YouTube accounts that wish to use FameOffer’s escrow service.


Don’t get scammed by a middle man service or a shady webmaster parading as a legitimate escrow service. Our escrow service is managed by a real California attorney.


In the YouTube Marketplace you can browse all the YouTube channels currently available for sale. 


Have a YouTube chanenl you’d like to sell? Visit the YouTube marketplace to list your channel for sale.


Once you’ve negotated a deal with the buyer/seller contact us to proceed with your transaction via FameOffer escrow.

Browse Channels! Marketplace awaits.

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